Falling for Flowers

It’s crazy to me how fast we switch from summer to fall. It may still be warm outside, but everyone has already switched to “fall mode.” A week ago we were trying to get tan by the pool, and today everyone is talking about Halloween and decorating for fall.
I do love fall, though. I love the cool breezes and getting to wear sweaters and jackets again. I also love beautiful colors in the falling leaves. I decided to get into the fall mood with everybody else and try to make a wreath for our door. It’s not finished yet, but while in the process, I made these great fabric flower broaches. I used scraps of fabric with the deep browns and reds of the season. Theses flowers are going on my fall wreath, but I made them into broaches so I could reuse them later!
For example, they make a great accessory for a purse:

The technique is simple, and I actually made the same type of flowers for the little Spring Wreath I made for our apartment.

In my opinion, flowers are for every season, not just for spring!

I’ll surely let you see how the wreath turns out once it’s finished~
I also had some leftover fabric strips from the camera strap I just made this week. I loved the fabric colors so much, I couldn’t let it go to waste. I was in a fabric flower kick, so I made some more…

These little flowers are also broaches.
I love the idea of adding accents to purses.
I love purses.
I love flowers.
What do you think?


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