Decorated End Table

My mom offered this little side table to me a while ago. She has several tables like this in her house with table clothes draped over them. At first, I didn’t really care for them. I’d rather have a table with a drawer in it. But then, I got this really great idea. This idea mostly comes from a table (just like this one) that my sister’s creative room mate decoupaged with a fun, funky design on top. I took the idea and ran with it.
Since daisy’s are my favorite…

I painted the table (yes me…painting…crazy!) black and then cut the petal shapes out of fabric that I picked up at Wally world for $1. I, of course, decoupaged the fabric on. There is also a glass piece that lays on top for a more finished look, but it was creating a glare for my camera.

I’m pretty excited, what do you think?

4 thoughts on “Decorated End Table

  1. Aunt Peg says:

    Fantastic! I love this table update. In fact I have a table like this that has been lying around in my basement junk for a couple of years. Your post has inspired me to go find it and create something fantastic.
    Thank you!!
    (this would make a really fun halloween decor table to put a bowl of treats on…)
    I found your blog through Tatertots & Jello weekend-wrap-up


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