Airplane Fun Tray

Coming up, Ande and I are venturing off to Utah to have a blast with our family. Curtis will be joining us a week or two later and that means….I am ON MY OWN on the plane with Ande. I have been racking my brain and the internet trying to come up with ways to keep a 1 year old occupied in a small, confined space for 5 hours. To my relief, a blog that I follow posted a fabulous idea just this morning! Serving Pink Lemonade had made an Airplane Tray Cover, and I think it is such an amazing idea and I had to make one.

I tried to include all sorts of busy little activities that I think Ande will like.

These include:
~A zippered pouch in the shape of a basket
~The pouch contains velcro flowers which having matching flowers to attach to
~A twisty thingy (I took from a handy manny book Ande had) which has wheels that you can pull on and off
~A buckle…his favorite!

It is a sleeve that fits perfectly over the airplane tray.
I am hoping that this, along with some other goodies I’ve been collecting, will ease the wiggles. We shall see….

5 thoughts on “Airplane Fun Tray

  1. Lauren says:

    I love your profile description. With two gorgeous boys I love adding girly touches to my own 'quiet nap' crafty times too! Thanks for your post – love it!


  2. Marianne says:

    These trips usually ends up better than you expect. I am a seasoned traveller alone with my kids to and from Norway, but I must admit I am still anxious for my next one.
    Have a safe trip and I am sure your daughter will be very content with her new airplane fun tray.


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