Glastonbury Road

I blame buying a house for my serious lack of posting lately. I could actually blame buying a house for a lot of things right now! We closed on the house last Wednesday, and spent the entire Memorial Day weekend painting. I have spent this past week packing and moving things over to the house. Curtis has been really busy with work and school and so it has been pretty slow going. Luckily, I have little ‘helpy-helperton’ around:

See that little white rag in his hand? He has been helping me clean everything…and I mean EVERYTHING. If he sees a tissue, toilet paper, a wash cloth, or a wipe, he will take it and scrub down anything he can find. Here, he was cleaning the moving box:
The Grand Tour:

This is what you see when you first walk in the door, a hallway leading to the bedrooms on the right and the living room straight ahead:
The dining room is directly to your left:
The kitchen, from the dining room’s point of view:
The living room is at the back of the house:
The hallway and kitchen from the living room’s point of view.
We taped everything, and then painting everything.
Well, the painting is a work in progress.
Curtis worked really hard all weekend, he was the master painter/hole filler/fixer-upper…you name it. Not surprising, right?
Me, dad, and Laurie however……
I guess we got a little distracted…

I’ll post more pictures soon…once the house is looking decent!
Tomorrow is our big moving day!

4 thoughts on “Glastonbury Road

  1. Cali Haynie Rutter says:

    Oh that is so exciting you guys bought a house! I'm a little Jealous! I can't wait until Nate finishes school and we can buy a house and be settled in one place!! But I love the house, can't wait to see more pictures!

    ps. Ande is Adorable!


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