I have been feeling really crafty lately. I got a Cricut for my big Christmas present and it got the creative juices flowing within me. I recently started a little online shop where I can sell (or try to) some of the projects I’ve been working on. If you haven’t already heard of it, Etsy is this website where people sell amazing handmade and vintage items. For some reason, I thought I could be one of those people. Curtis has warned me many times in the past few days that I should not get my hopes up and I haven’t. I don’t expect to make big bucks or anything but I just wanted to find a fun way to occupy my free time. Unfortunately, my family is already suffering from my entrepreneurial endeavors.

If you haven’t already seen my shop, look here, and you will find a beautiful baby modeling a lovely, and undeniably girly, tutu. The deed was done before Ande (or Curtis) even knew what hit him. So here is my public apology to my boys: 
~To Ande, who will be disgusted in five years to find out I made him wear a ballet costume.
~ And to Curtis, who is already appalled that I dressed his son up like a girl for the whole world to see.

Just so everyone is clear, Ande may be one beautiful baby, but he is ALL BOY! He is adventurous; he loves to growl, climb, play ball, and eat. I snapped a couple pictures to prove it:

(He can climb this wall at the park all by himself!)
(In this picture, I think he looks like the Captain of a boat, overlooking the ocean.)


6 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. Courtney says:

    I love your etsy store. I loved your model. I need to get some of those cute hair bows for Emma Jane. You will have to teach me how to make them!
    And, I can't believe how cute and old Ande is getting. What a little cutie! So fun!


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