168 Days Down…

Eternity more to go!!! Anderson is coming up on 6 months in October!
The leaves are changing and so is he.
He is learning and doing new things every day!

Here he is on his 5 month bday with a nice little bracelet…

His shirt is soaked through with slobber.

And his diaper is peaking out of his pants, haha.


Here we are breaking the rules…the doc said to wait until 6 months for the rice cereal. Here he is at 5 months trying it out for the first time:

Not much made it into the tummy.

This is day 2, after adding bananas, he had a much more pleasant experience! Now, he can’t get enough! Maybe we should have started with green beans in the cereal…we may have created a sugar addict already.


Along with Fall comes game season! We went to a Railhawks soccer game, gotta start him early! He’s also sporting his NC State Wolfpack shirt and his stunna’ shades!

~Ande playing hide and seek!
(There will be more videos to come!)



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