{birth story} Anderson’s birth 4.0

A.C. and I were discussing a few things about his future. Here is what he took from our Heart to Heart.

5 thoughts on “{birth story} Anderson’s birth 4.0

  1. Carl Haynie says:

    Curtis and Lindsey:

    Congratulations on the handsome little man. We sure wish we were there. Keep the photos and videos coming. Thanks so much for keeping us connected. We love you.

    Dad and Mom


  2. Carlitos says:

    Cute kid bro. Mabel was sleeping next to me while I watched the video. When you started whistling, she popped up and started looking around.

    Sign #7 that you shouldn’t be having more kids:
    You refer to them using adjectives like “hungry”. Just plain wierd.


  3. chadnsyd says:

    No I think being “hungry” for a baby is completely normal. However, maybe the fact that I whistle and snap to communicate is a good reason to wait. Oh but look at how cute that little guy is. I love them that small!


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