Just Some Updates!

The weather is changing and besides the almost 2 weeks of rain, it has been so nice and warm! A couple weeks ago we went with my dad to take the dogs to this field so they could run around and be FREEEEE! They absolutely loved it! This is a picture of little Gus Gus.

We have also been trying to get ready for the baby who should be here in about 3 weeks! The ladies at Curtis’ work put together some gifts for us. This one lady was so creative, she gave us a laundry basket that had a “clothes line” of baby outfits inside of it!

Curtis is still working hard and spending all of his free time doing school work. He does however get to play with his soccer team every Tuesday night. The season just started back up and he and his team have been doing great! I love watching him play, he is so fast! He scored the first goal of the season, it was great! I’ll try to get some pictures at the next game.

I have also been working really hard teaching my dance classes, but I finally let the substitute take over. Last week was my last week until recital in June. I was sad to leave my girls…we’ve had fun this year! They even threw me a surprise party 2 weeks ago, they are so sweet! They made me pose sideways in this picture so that you could see my huge stomach! These girls participated in a dance competition last weekend and all of the dances won the “Distinction in Dance” Award, and a “Best Choreography” Award which came with a nice crisp $100 bill for moi! I was so proud!


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