The Transporter

My husband thinks he is the Transporter. If you haven’t heard of this movie, then let me tell you. The Transporter is this dude who delivers things for people…usually some sort of package for these gangster mob people. He always drives really cool cars and somebody always ends up chasing him. So, he drives really fast and does all sorts of crazy stunts.

The other day Curtis told me that he thought he was the Transporter. He said this because he is a courier at a Lawfirm and makes all sorts of deliveries, etc. I just laughed at his funny comment. Then, last Thursday I realized…he really does think he is the Transporter!!! Curtis had to take some things to the lawfirm’s Greensboro office, which is about 1 hr. 15 min. away and I rode with him for some company! We were about halfway there when we realized we forgot some things back at our apartment. We had to turn around and go back even though we really didn’t have much time. Sooo…we had to drive pretty fast to get home and back to Greensboro in time. This clip from the movie reflects the drive that day:

Lucky for me, Curtis is an excellent driver and we made our delivery safely! I did, however, try to remind him that we were driving my Ford Escape and not a zoomy little race car! We also did not encounter any police like the video (thanks to my good eye).


3 thoughts on “The Transporter

  1. BJC says:

    next time you are over this way, drop by. i am only 15 minutes from greensboro, but from what i just read, it sounds like it might only be 5 minutes for you!


  2. Noel Anderson says:

    When I was a courier at the law firm, I definitely was the transporter. I just wish that I had my new car while I was working there because I would have dominated those downtown raleigh streets with the Si. haha


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