Happy Hair!

Date Night at North Hills Mall! Cuterzzz!

The pictures all got out of order somehow, but a couple weeks ago we went up to visit my grandparents in the mountains. It Curtis’ first experience visiting the crazy place that is Etowah, NC. We went hiking and climbed this huge rock…it was so fun!

Laurie and I clapping…not sure why! Maybe because we both drank from this waterfall and mom told us we were going to die of Typhoid fever or something like that!

My dad, throwing water on my mom. haha.

Curtis joined a soccer team that our friend Joel started up last year with a bunch of peeps from church! I’m excited to go cheer him on at their games! (look at him sticking his tongue out!)

Curtis and dad wowed all the kids at the pool one day. This is a rapid shot of him doing a back flip. This was the day that a little boy found out I was Curtis’ wife and he called me a “hoochie mamma”

Curtis and I on top of the mountain before we hiked to the falls!

FUNNY THING THIS WEEK…my good friend J-Day (Jessica Day) introduced me to the FUNNIEST thing I’ve seen/heard in a long time! We were just chatting about the rediculous hair-do that we like to call the “hill Cumorah” hair-do. I don’t know about anybody else but I think this hair style is just OUT OF CONTROL! And to make it even more O.O.C. JDay showed me this website….


Now, even us girls with normal, flat, everyday hair can achieve the Hill Cumorah style with the “Bumpit”!!!! HAHAHA I hope this doesn’t offend anybody out there who may read this, but I think it is just hilarious!


8 thoughts on “Happy Hair!

  1. Cali Haynie says:

    The picture of you guys on your date night is gorgeous! you both look great!! It looks like you’ve been having so much fun! Oh and that Big hair website is FANTASTIC!! I definitely appreciate that! So Greatlove you! So fantastic!


  2. 3406 LeBron Rd. says:

    hey curt –that’s my brazil jersey!!!may you score as many goals as i cost my team. court and i’s favorite memory of “early” marriage was playing on an intramural team together. have fun.Carl


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