New room!

Lindsay and I decided to venture to all the Home Depots in our area to see if we could find paint to paint our new apartment. We finally achieved the colors we were looking for with the OOPS paint from the Home Depot in Weston. Our new room is this color precisely. OOPS!


7 thoughts on “New room!

  1. c.s. Finch says:

    OOPS! That’s the best color. I can’t possibly describe to you how many of times my art work has landed in the eccentric, abstract, or even the selling zone that was merely a detour in the OOPS zone.Also, a simple math problem, or any problem solved on accident from the simple thought of OOPS… Nevertheless most amazing, wonderful things in life are completely random, and appear when we least expect it, so we must do is recognize its elegance and Enjoy it!


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